ERIKS S&P Announces Exciting Rebranding to XMEK

[Dallas, 1.5.2024] – ERIKS Seals & Plastics, a leading global provider of tailored solutions and trusted services for the most challenging applications, is thrilled to announce a transformative rebranding journey. Beginning in the first quarter of 2024, ERIKS Seals & Plastics will unveil its new identity as XMEK. This exciting evolution goes beyond a mere name change; it signifies a profound commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.

Over the years, ERIKS Seals & Plastics has built a strong reputation as a reliable partner for industries worldwide, consistently providing tailored solutions and unmatched service. The decision to rebrand to XMEK represents a strategic shift that encapsulates the company’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations and maintaining its industry-leading position.

The new name, XMEK, reflects the company’s dynamic spirit and determination to stay at the forefront of its field. It symbolizes a commitment to tackling even the most complex challenges, with an emphasis on ‘excellence in mechanical components.’

“I’m thrilled about the upcoming changes in our company! Our company is embracing a fresh name that goes beyond just words,” said Jessica Mattison, Director, Materials and Technical Services of XMEK. “It embodies the essence of who we are, capturing the very best of each one of us. This is a celebration of our unique strengths and shared spirit.  It’s a positive change that paves the way for exciting opportunities ahead, and we’re eager to see where this path leads us!”

As XMEK prepares to launch its new identity, the company invites its valued customers, partners, and stakeholders to stay tuned for further updates and announcements. The transition to XMEK will be accompanied by an array of exciting developments, including enhanced product offerings, improved customer experiences, and a fresh, modern visual identity.

ERIKS Seals & Plastics and now XMEK President & CEO Stuart Lowndes says, “XMEK is a supplier to high profile, high consequence customers that are looking for a logistics provider and a solutions provider for their product. XMEK is a good partner for both suppliers and customers because we can help suppliers reach areas where they may not be able to reach just through their breadth or their size or their materials, in addition to also helping the customers as a partner because they come to us for unbiased solutions.”

XMEK is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, pushing boundaries and pioneering new solutions for the most challenging applications across various industries. The company looks forward to embarking on this thrilling journey with its global network of customers and partners.

XMEK, formerly known as ERIKS Seals & Plastics, is a global leader in providing tailored solutions and trusted services for the toughest applications across various industries and product lines, including seals and plastics, bearings, O-rings, specialty metal components, and more. With a commitment to innovation, adaptability, and customer satisfaction, XMEK strives to deliver excellence in every aspect of its operations.

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