Loading Arm Seals

The Challenge:

A leading oil services company that designs, manufactures and sells a full range of ambient and cryogenic marine loading arms worldwide were concerned with their lack of technical support from their current seal supplier. The company had always purchased seals for their loading arms from the same supplier but felt vulnerable commercially and technically if the supplier discontinued supply for any reason. They began to search for additional suppliers that could meet their requirements for these mission critical parts.

The Solution:

XMEK was selected to be the additional supplier of Viton® GF V-Rings after offering a technical and commercial alternative to 3 sizes to date. This material allows the final user to transfer a wide range of fluids from marine tankers through the loading arms to onshore storage tanks and visa-versa.

The Results:

The customer was delighted with XMEK’s application and technical know-how. By focusing on the design of a suitable alternative sealing solution the customer now has the comfort of not being “locked” into a sole supply situation and have the flexibility to purchase further seals from XMEK.

Application / Products

  • Loading Arm Seals
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